Mission Statement:  Sharing Jesus With You And The World

Vision:  Byromville Baptist Church seeks to create an atmosphere where people can learn, understand and apply God's word to their daily lives.  Through the resulting Christian growth of the members, unsaved people are brought to a personal saving relationship with Christ through lifestyle evangelism, personal witnessing and missions.  Believers are encouraged to fellowship and develop a passion for Christ and His Church.  The growing congregation supports and nurtures continual spiritual growth and discipleship.

Affliliations:  Southern Baptist Convention, Georgia Baptist Convention and Houston Baptist Association.

History:  Founded in 1833 as Mt. Ariel Baptist Church with seven members.  In 1922 a new brick building was erected, and the name of the church was changed to Byromville Baptist Church.
Left:  The church in 1922 when the present brick building was erected. Click on the photo to go to a larger version.

Right:  This picture was also taken in 1922.  Left to right is Rev. T. W. Tippett, Deacons W. R. Groves, U. A. Musselwhite, W. E. Dawson and Bob Johnson.
Below: This picture of our church building was taken in the Spring of 2001.
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