Family of Roger Bishop
Family of Jack Boyer

Hailey Allen
Kandee Allen
Walter Barlow
Brenda Bennett
Roger Bishop
Carol Brasher
Gwen Bush
Lannie Byler
Ronnie Cape
Jeff Collins
Cam Cunningham
Shelton Davis
Ken Deloach
Kathryn Dennis
Thad Fullington
Joseph & Kristen Gibbons
Wayne Giles
Deborah Godfrey
Kincee Hancock
Benny Hampton
Adam Hobbs
Cheryl Howell
Christopher Hudson
Rick Hughes
Slade Jackson
Bubba James
Stanley James
Mary Jo Jeter
Valerie Johnson
Anna Jones
Ella Jones
Savana Jones & Family
Randy Keene
Denise Lamb
Lisa Kilgore
Kenny & Michelle Lawson
Eleni Lassiter
Selma Leggett
Tosh Anna Lewis
Carolyn Lloyd
Loudon Co. Virginia fire department
Katie Lowery
Tommy Mason
Buck Mayo
Ford McCoy
Fredrick McGullion
Meygan, Raelyn, Maddie
Larry Middlebrooks
Jerry Morris
Marc Phelps
Tim Phelps & Dakota Bowen
Denise Price
Tommy Reel
Analese Reynolds
William Riddle
Della Robinson
Daniel Roberts
Gloria and George Royal
Mary Beth & Denny Rogers
Bert Rutledge
Bobby Scarborough
Barbara Skipper
Melvin Slappey
Mandy Smith
Tammie Smith
Ashton Sparrow
Pam Sparrow
Sherrie Sprinkle
Carol & Larry Stewart
Pam Taunton
Brenda Thomas
Janice Thomas
Al Thompson
Allen & Hildred Thompson
Blake Thompson
Cathy Thompson
Christy Tison
Carolyn Varnadoe
Connie Vaughan
Billy Walls
James Waters
Phil West
Matthew Westberry
Peggy White
Melba Wood
Indy Yoder

Lost people
Ukraine situation
Students, teachers, & other school personnel
Reed & Pat Benson
Anne Bush Ambrose
Larue Ambrose
Tom  & Betty Barrett
Donna Duckworth Benford
Jimmy Carter
Cherra & Mike Cason
Anne Carroll
Jurelle Godfrey
Shirley Granville
Mary Greer
Charlie Gregory
Lillian Gresham
Healthcare workers
High Cotton Home Residents & Staff
Anslie Hostetler
Jeanne Kent
Michael Kitchens 
Jordan Langston
Jo Ann Larsen
Henry Lensch
Katie Marjenhoff
Johnny & Cindy Massey
Page McKnight
Claire Dobson McMillian
Nancy Musselwhite
Brenda Oglesby
Rita Passmore
Martha Peavy
Connie Raper
Dale Raper
Patricia Rigdon
Brooklyn Sangster & Family
Gail Singleton
Marion & Lamar Smith
Rusty Wilkes
Era Mae Youngblood
Lost and unchurched
Daybreak Pregnancy Care Center
Churches without pastors
Nursing home residents
Preteens and teens (mental health)
Sunday School
Outreach ministry
Youth ministries
Byromville Community
Byromville Mayor & Town Council
Our Country
The Persecuted Church
Government officials
President Joe Biden
Vice President Kamala Harris
Governor Brian Kemp
US military and families:
Law enforcement

Last updated on: February 21, 2024
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