​Family of Johnnie Ruth Brannen
Family of Lance Brown
Family of Paula Leggett
Family of Alma Yoder

Hailey Holder Allen & Parents
Clyde Barfield
Roger Bishop
Scott Beavers
Valley Joe Bryan
Jimmy Carter
Eugene Cason
Matthew Cawthorn
Jimmy Cheek
Charles Cobb
Patricia Cousins
Carol Cowan
Velda Crosby
East Pakiston Ohio
Caroline Eckles
Jody Ethridge
Riley Faith
Kim Floyd
Hank Folsom
Charlie Gregory
Kayla Grinstead
Mark Hatcher
Lee & Kayla Henthorn
Bubba & India Herrington
Hope (Averills' dog)
Bubba James
Mary Jo Jeter
Krista Keen
Scott Lamb
Paula McKinley
Kaliber Middlebrooks
Larry Middlebrooks
Roger Moss
Misty Musselwhite
Charles Neal
Brenda Oglesby
Rita Passmore
Gale Raper
Tommy Reel
Donnie & Patricia Rigdon
Della Robinson
Denny Rogers
Martin Shingler
Gail Singleton
Leroy Singleton
Tammie Smith
Autumn Snyder
Buck Thompson
Hildred Thompson
Carolyn & Billy Tison
Gail Vance
Matthew Westberry
Becky Willingham
Leann Worley
Garrett Wright

Lost people
Syria/Turkey situation
Ukraine situation
Students, teachers, & other school personnel
Reed & Pat Benson
Children/Youth Pastor
Anne Bush Ambrose
Larue Ambrose
Tom  & Betty Barrett
Freddy & Nancy Barron
Donna Duckworth Benford
Cherra & Mike Cason
Anne Carroll
Jurelle Godfrey
Shirley Granville
Kay Green
Mary Greer
Lillian Gresham
Eli Griffin
Pat and Ronnie Hatcher
Healthcare workers
High Cotton Home Residents & Staff
Anslie Hostetler
Jeanne Kent
Michael Kitchens 
Jordan Langston
Jo Ann Larsen
Katie Marjenhoff
Johnny & Cindy Massey
Lexie McGullion (Military)
Page McKnight
Claire Dobson McMillian
Nancy Musselwhite
Martha Peavy
Elaine Phelps
Pioneer Health Care (residents & personnel)
Dale Raper
Brooklyn Sangster & Family
Brian Smith
Conner Smith
Marion & Lamar Smith
Jan Wanger
Gale & Bobby White
Rusty Wilkes
Tony Wilkes
Pam Wright
Era Mae Youngblood
Lost and unchurched
Daybreak Pregnancy Care Center
Churches without pastors
Nursing home residents
Sunday School
Outreach ministry
Youth ministries
Byromville Community
Byromville Mayor & Town Council
Our Country
The Persecuted Church
Government officials
President Joe Biden
Vice President Kamala Harris
Governor Brian Kemp
US military and families:
Law enforcement

Last updated on: March 13, 2023
The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.   James 5:16
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