Family of Madison Evans
Family of Madine Posey Hudson
Family of Alice Joiner
Family of M. L. Jones
Family of Mary Ellen Wilkes

Emily Allen
Tommy Ambrose
Sally Averill & Family
Julie & Jessica Arrington
Willie Barber
Sid Bledsoe, Jr.
Regina Boland
Gene Bradley
Gay Braxton
Jon Claude Brunel
Kathy Camp
Betty Cape
Lisa Chalk
Louise Clemons and Family
Miwa and Terry Crosby
Amy and Jamie Crozier
Rick Culpepper and Family
James Edge
Debbie Elmore
Michelle Elsasser
Trae Floyd
Chris Flynn
Perry Lee Fountain
Jeff (JD) Fowler
Landon Freeman
Jamica Gates
Janese Gauthier
Glynn Grantham
Shirley Granville
Sue Grizzle
Marvin Hauesler
Jimmy Hendrix
Lynn, Margaret, Cory Hill
Craig Hobbs
Sherri Hobbs
Patsy Holder
Jane Harbage
Anslie Hostetler
Alice and Terrell Hudson
Jay Jimerson
Alicia Halter Kage
Corin Kai
Misty Kersey
Justin Lamb
Lisa Lane
Glen Layson
Robert Earl Lee
Joseph Marlowe and Wife
Justin McLaughlin
Jimmy Middlebrooks
Margaret Neal
OCC shoeboxes (those who receive the boxes)
Ben Parker
Carvis Passmore
Robin Peavy
TK and Roger Peel
Rose and Dennis Phillips
Diane Prickett
Tara Reed
Beth Roney
Sam Rowland
William Smith
Teresa Deloach Sowell
Carol & Larry Stewart
Robin and Maggie Taylor
David Wiggins
Becky Willingham
Amber Williamson
John Williamson
Shelia/Joel Woodard

COVID-19 pandemic
Anne Bush Ambrose
Larue Ambrose
Tom Barrett
Donna Duckworth Benford
Lamar Bowen
Steve Bowen
Cherra & Mike Cason
Kathleen Dickerson
Jerry Garden
Kathy Garwood
Jurelle Godfrey
Kay Green
Mary Greer
Jonathon Gregory
Terri & Tracy Gregory
Lillian Gresham
Mary Linda and Warren Hall
Joe Heavner and Family
Ruby Hughes
Madison Hunter (Military)
Henry Clay Ingram
Jerry Jarrell
Elizabeth Johnson
Gladys Johnson
Jackie Johnson
Shorty Johnson
Myrtle Joiner
Teresa Jones
Debbie & Jimmy Jump
Jeanne Kent
Michael Kitchens 
Mary Lamberth
Jordan Langston
Anne Graham Lotz
Lexie McGullion (Military)
Rodney Mitchell
Nancy Musselwhite
Gay Nelson
Martha Peavy
Elaine Phelps
Pinehill Nursing Center (residents & personnel)
Kelly Pritchett
Susie Raper Pesto
Marion Robinson
Brooklyn Sangster & Family
Todd Sangster
Priscilla Shirrer
Marion & Lamar Smith
Joni Eareckson Tada
President Donald and Melania Trump
Floyd Tucker
Phil Walker
Jan Wanger
Gale & Bobby White
Ray Wilkes
Rusty Wilkes
Tony Wilkes
Eunice & Bennie Wisham
Scott Woodruff
Pam Wright
Lost and unchurched
Pregnancy Care Center, Crisp,Dooly,Wilcox
Pastor search
Pastor search committee: Jill Brannen, Lillian Gresham, Joe Kent, Keith Lamberth, Jimmy Lockerman, Paula Smith, John John Averill
Churches without pastors
Nursing home residents
Sunday School
Outreach ministry
Youth ministries
Byromville Community
Our Country
The Persecuted Church
Government officials
President Donald Trump
Vice President Mike Pence
Governor Brian Kemp
US military and families:
Law enforcement
Last updated on: November 22, 2020
The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.   James 5:16
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